Super Special Get Maximum Discount 30 %

***Super Special*** for customer who has birthday on May - Jun and Architect from Majestec 3-D Party
Get on-top 5%

Terms and Conditions  (offer is valid in Thailand only)

• This Promotion is valid through JUNE 30TH, 2011.

• Promotions are subject to full payment of stated deposits and/or booking fees and customers agree to adhere to all purchase order conditions of the Company.
• Promotions are subject to availability and a Promotion offer is not an indication of availability. In particular, MTC reserves the right to cancel a Promotion and/or to reject redemption of a Promotional Code when the total value of the Promotional Codes already redeemed exceeds a certain financial value.
• Prizes or giveaways in any Promotion are subject to availability and may not be exchanged for cash or any other prize, nor are they transferable. However where a stated prize is no longer available or out-of-stock MTC will, at its discretion, make all reasonable efforts to endeavor to replace the prize or giveaway with another prize or giveaway of similar or equal value.
• MTC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend any Competition or Promotion.
•  Customer who get super special promotion has to show ID card as reference.
• Promotions are further subject to the Terms & Conditions that can be found at: Terms and Conditions


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